Software Development is a big part of Cuenet Technical Services.

Embedded Programming - We can write embedded source code for most major microcontrollers. Including Atmel and MicroChip PIC. Embedded chips are used in hardware designs where a dedicated device, rather than an external computer, is needed. We use the latest development tools with debugging IDE's and programmer hardware to develop firmware for the device. When we design a hardware device, we may recommend an embedded device be used to create the final design. Contact us if you have any questions regarding using embedded devices in your prototype.

Here are some examples of our previous computer applications:

The Planner System is a Windows based application which connects to a central MySql server. The server can be local within the company or externally hosted as needed. Jobs are entered with selected dates and job information regarding what a particular job or event needs. This could be anything, from stock items to entire event planning and organisation.
Multiple users have access to a central database which keeps all staff informed in real time either in a local office or across the internet globally.
All offices can be linked to share a single Planner System. All in real time. Everyone has the information presented graphically at any location.


Barcode Producer is a barcode scanning application designed to scan in products and components, log data in a database and then print out to Avery sticky labels for attachment to equipment. The database is local to the application and uses Microsoft Access for ease and flexibility, all on one machine.
A flexible internal search engine allows recall of items for checking and label re-prints.

SDP streaming download project. We originally wrote SDP back in 2002 and it has been hugely popular with over 1 million downloads to date. We are now working on a new version which is cross OS platform for Mac, Windows and Linux. Its been a huge hit world wide!
The purpose of the recorder is to record live and pre recorded Microsoft streaming shows over the internet.
Not all recorders can do this well. Some fail because of lack of protocol knowledge, others are better but do not handle every situation. Our recorder software has been one of the only applications to actually deliver the goods over the years, and its only going to get better. Its been Voted 5 stars by popular software magazines and has won awards from around the world.

SDP v2

SDP v3

Cuenet V-Mixer is a 5 channel camera and live feed vision mixer. Taking live video feeds from cameras and other composite or digital signals and mixing them through a intuitive application design. Cross fading, fade to black/white or colour, quick cut and channel routing as standard with options to add extra plugin effects. The output from V-Mixer can either write straight to disk for archiving, send to a live broadcast unit or streamed live over the internet. This is popular system for home users like video bloggers and music event broadcasts to name just a few applications.

Radio Controller Application - For controlling amateur radio equipment including Kenwood, Yaesu and other brands of transceivers.


Speech Controlled Image Indexer/Viewer - This unique system uses speech to both quickly index images with tag words and quickly locate and view indexed images. Using our custom library, indexing images is rapid using a speech command to advance to the next image. Searching for images is just as quick, simply by using speech keywords and tags.


Cuenet IP Assistant is a network monitoring security guard. Meant as a tool to aid network administrators, the application regularly scans the home/office network for any devices connecting to it. Any unauthorized connections can be investigated or blocked. All shown in real time and displayed to the Admin. Alarms can also be activated with an audible beeper if required.

Cuenet Simple Media Player is a very basic player for Windows. Its compact, plays any format Windows has installed, and has very fast responsive seek times. The project was originally named project "Xenon" and is now part of the Cuenet software library of applications.

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