With over 35 years experience in prototyping analogue, digital and RF radio electronic designs, we are in a excellent position to help with nearly all situations. Whether it involves full oversight of design, test and production of units, or just being involved at some stage during the process, we can help. Some of our regular activities include PCB layouts, population of boards, testing to meet customer specifications all with reliable turn around times. This is where our hardware skills cross over into the software embedded side. The two can go hand in hand on a lot of projects and we welcome the challenges involved in bridging the two.

Some previous examples of projects we have worked on:

A Prototype PCB with external test point connector added
media buttons
Big Buttons! A USB media controller which simulates keyboard key strokes for ease of use
Various Wiring Looms. Including these D connectors as part of a project
camera trigger
Camera Trigger PCBs designed and populated by us
Reflux Timer
Reflux Timer used in laboratory gas testing experiments
Our own “Blue Box” programmable camera flash controller (both Nikon and Canon compatible)
Dynamotor energy conversion, scaled down model for testing controller software
Lighting DMX switch box
fron panel
Front panel design using CAD to created real front designs for prototypes