Repair Service

General Info
With our fully equipped workshop based in Deptford, Sunderland, two workbenches, one with full ESD protection when needed and the other for general bench repairs, a selection of oscilloscopes , meters, analysers, loads and SMD re-work equipment we can pretty much handle anything out there. In addition for valve amps, an AVO valve tester along with our very own custom designed CTS VT1 valve tester meaning your amplifier is in good hands with us.

We repair and service a wide selection of equipment:
Professional audio, professional lighting, vintage valve (tube) guitar amplifiers and pedals, audio mixers and PA sound systems, radio microphones and receivers, IEM’s, power supplies and most other digital and analogue gear. In fact, almost anything from 1950’s valve amps to state of the art embedded SMD microcontroller equipment.

Including popular guitar amplifier brands such as:
Blackstar, Vox, Orange, Marshall, Yamaha, Fender, Ampeg, Line 6, Peavey, Laney .. Too many to list!

As well as guitar and instrument amplifiers, we can also service and repair many types of high power amplifiers used in PA systems like for example; RCF, LabGruppen, Powersoft etc. As well as active powered speakers like JBL and Mackie etc.

Keyboards are also welcome, whether its a 70’s analogue vintage synth or a completely modern workstation. We’ve even been known to repair Hammond organs from the 50’s and Fender Rhodes pianos from the 70’s. Just as examples.

Finally, for your safety we electrically PAT test all mains operated items before returning them to you. Please ask if you require a certificate (optional). We check this as a matter of course making sure your equipment is properly earthed and insulated.

Some examples include:

Vintage Yamaha CP-30 keyboard repair
Korg Triton Keyboard repairs
Audio Mixer Pre-Amp repairs
Digital Audio desk repairs
Big Muff Stomp Box repairs (many vintage makes)
Messa Boogie modifications to tone stack and repairs
All vintage valve amplifiers like this AC30 under repair – we repair all makes, Marshall, Messa Boogie, Fender, Roland, Apmeg etc.
Yamaha M7CL fader replacements and complete repairs, we are a Yamaha parts dealer.
Switch Mode Power Supply Units