About us

Cuenet Technical Services became fully operational in May 2014 and since then has grown from strength to strength doing both electronics design and repair/service work.

The company is managed by Paul Wood HNC EEE \ HND Radio and is located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. UK.

Paul’s experience in electronics and software is considerable and spans over 40 years of practical hands-on design, repair and building of units. The collected knowledge of CTS covers just about every aspect of electronics, software and mixed embedded / analogue and digital interfacing there is.

On the production side.
CTS specialises in bespoke one-off solutions for clients including full working prototyping of units. These can be either software or hardware solutions or a mixture of the two. With a very flexible approach to engineering, CTS will also adapt to most situations and handle things like interfacing of normally unconnected devices. Need a special black box to connect device A to B? no problem. We can help you design your device, either partially, maybe you just need guidance or a helping hand or as a complete boxed solution. We can help.

On the repair and servicing side.
This goes all the way back to when Paul was a teenager. Building his first guitar amplifier aged just 14 out of a disused Tannoy speaker from his school classroom!. Then a home made valve based oscilloscope aged just 16. That was just the beginning. Moving on to repairing amplifiers for local musicians and being involved with Amateur Radio repairing radio transceivers starting in the 80’s. And then becoming a radio ham with a full UK license in 1985. Since those early days, technology has seen unbelievable changes and sometimes the pace of change has been very dramatic. Keeping up with repairing today’s modern equipment means keeping up to date with the latest technologies like computer aided design applications and working with surface mount devices (SMDs). And that is exactly what Cuenet CTS has striven to do. We regularly work at SMD level and can pretty much work with any PCB to component SMD level. We are always looking to fit genuine OEM parts from manufacturers and look forward to building further relations with OEMs for parts and service schematics. We also have various parts accounts including Marshall, Yamaha, Orange, Blackstar and others to allow us to source original parts for repairs. Along with various thermionic valve sources too for commonly used 6L6, EL34, EL84, 5881, GZ34 and ECC81/2/3 types and others. So your repair is in good hands.

Some of our most recent design/repair clients include:

Power Electronics Ltd for the design of their software bar coding system (for British Telecom)
TradeBE for their dual precision timer Magnetic Reflux system, used in the lab.
Transit Electronics Ltd for their PCB SMD rework chip replacements, prototyping and testing of energy conservation devices.
Design Revel Ltd for work involving the innovative design of a radio distance measuring system for locating animals and birds in the wild. (we also hold the patent for the design).
New World Designs for development of a computer controlled camera bullet time capture system.
Northern Productions Ltd for professional PA sound, Lighting repairs and servicing.
Avid Electronics for a prototype Dynamotor energy converter.
Sunderland Hospital Radio for a bespoke remote IP audio stereo switching unit
Sound Solution Services for PA speaker, mixer and lighting repairs
Various local bands and musicians for amplifier, PA and audio mixer repairs (we work closely with and support local musicians too!)
Various school academies in the North East for musical equipment repairs
Various music shops for guitar amplifiers, PA, mixers and effects repairs
and many more! too many to list.

Mixer Preamp section being repaired