We repair and service a wide selection of items:

Professional audio, vintage valve guitar amplifiers and pedals, mixers and PA systems, computer repairs, radio transmitters and receivers, power supplies, all other digital and analogue items. Anything from 1950's valve amps to state of the art SMD microcontroller component level. Too many to list!

Some examples include:

Yamaha M7 mixing console auto fader replacements.

Messa Boogie Vintage amplifier repairs and modifications.

Fender Amplifier repairs and Servicing.

PA Power Amplifier Cleaning - this one was seriously dirty, now serviced and totally clean, back to its happy owner.

Switch Mode Power Supply Repairs.

Korg Triton Key Replacements

Yamaha CP Series Vintage Keyboard repairs (CP-30 here)

Professional Audio Amplifiers Repairs including Yamaha, Lab Gruppen, Amcron and many more.

Vintage Musical Amplification and Guitar Effects (Big Muff pedal shown during repair)

Audio Line, Speaker Systems and Panels

Camera Photography Lenses, Flashes and Camera Bodies (Sony V1e shown in repair)

Range Rover P38 RF Unit (part of the key fob electronic door lock and alarm system)
This unit shown ready for some SMD re-work.

Radio Equipment, Radio Microphones and IMs used the in the Entertainment Industry.
GPS (GPSDO) locked 10.00000000Mhz frequency standard and counters calibrated to +/- 10mHz (milli Hertz)


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