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Prototyping Services, Testing and Repair History
With well over 25 years experience in prototyping analogue, digital and RF radio electronic designs, we are in a excellent position to help with nearly all situations. Whether it involves full oversight of design, test and production of units, or just being involved at some stage during the process, we can help. Some of our regular activities include PCB layouts, population of boards, testing to meet customer specifications all with reliable turn around times. This is where our hardware skills cross over into the software embedded side. The two can go hand in hand on a lot of projects and we welcome the challenges involved in bridging the two.

See below for an example of projects we have worked on:

Blue Box - a flexible photography camera / flash controller for controlling multiple types of flash including legacy flashes from all makes. Using BlueBox, the photographer can adjust power levels remotely (near to where the camera is located is ideal) and works with all major makes including Canon and Nikon. No other controller on the market can simultaneously control mixed manufacturer flash types.
Other features include the possibility to adjust flashgun zoom, whereas the tightness of the light beam can be adjusted along with power levels using ETTL (Canon) protocols. We believe this to be the first in the world to do this. BlueBox also has a few tricks up its sleeve like, allowing second curtain photography techniques with cameras not having a SC flash contact. This opens doors for cameras with previously basic flash ability to do creative second curtain shots simply. Another 'trick', is its pre-flash delay settings. Any of the 4 flashes connected can be programmed to flash after a certain preset time allowing some very creative strobe and multi shutter effects.

Motor Controller - for use with tracking video cameras on a dolly with programmable positioning.
It includes programmable camera dolly positioning for real time camera movements and time-lapse applications.
Microprocessor controlled and USB interface to laptop for scene settings.

Camera Triggering System - triggering controller and interfaces for multiple camera special effect captures. This includes Bullet-Time effects with up to 96 cameras.

Multimedia Controller - a USB control box with easy access buttons simulating computer keyboard short cuts. This unit was designed to operate multimedia presentations used in the entertainment industry.

RF Balun for Oscilloscope - A galvanic isolated Balun used for rejecting common mode noise between probe to scope.

ATMEL and Microchip PIC Embedded projects - various projects based around some of the best known embedded processors on the market. We have a great in house custom library of 'useful functions' built up over the years which means we can usually get a product prototype up and running quickly.

Dual Precision Timer for Magnetic Reflux Apparatus - used in the experimental field of gas waste recycling. This timer was used to control a larger glass apparatus in a lab where experimental gasses were mixed with precision timing. A dual timer was used to control the gas flow.

STM32F7 Embedded GUI controller - Various projects built based around this fantastic processor. The STM32 range being some of the most powerful currently on the market delivering fast GUI screens, amazing processing speed and maths number crunching!. We have built a variety of projects based on this amazing technology including a CAN BUS controller and remote controller for moving head cameras and lights. Other applications include DSP filtering and processing, FFTs for spectrum analysis and more.

Looms and Connector Wiring - We are able to produce bespoke looms and panels for most applications, up to a certain run size. For larger runs, we can help with the initial design / pin outs / connector selection etc and build working small run prototypes for testing. Applications include Audio, Power, Data and Comms and much more. Please ask for further information about this service.

RF Designs Including WiFi - With an extensive background in RF technologies, we are able to design RF circuits to a working prototype level. This includes WiFi data modules and other telemetry devices. Past projects include an active radar system using an active transponder which not only gives the bearing of a target, but its actual distance too. Cuenet holds a patent for a 'Distance Measuring System' which was originally devised for bird location systems used in the wild. Later applications included air/sea rescue and stolen item location.



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